About High Speed High School

Accelerated Video Instruction

Upon registration students are assigned personal logins to access the online high school curriculum. Parents are also assigned their own logins so as to be able to view and monitor the student’s progress and grades. Through our online Learning Center, students view lesson material on demand. Their work and grades are automatically saved within their personal student account. This saves the time that is usually wasted through conventional style instruction: getting to and from school, walking to and from classrooms, the teacher waiting for students to get settled down, the teacher having to provide further instructions to students who may be learning at a slower rate, the teacher spending hours and hours correcting students’ work, etc. An added bonus is that with the online educational videos, if a point is missed, forgotten, or not fully understood, students can simply rewind the teacher, as it were!

Comprehensive Educational Videos and Slide Shows

There are currently upwards of 55 hours of video instruction on a variety of topics, along with additional pdf worksheets for additional tutoring and information. Math is presented by way of electronic slide show. All of this makes for a complete high school education.

Every two to three minutes the instructional video playback pauses and students are asked a pop-up question, to ensure that they are paying attention and fully grasping the material under consideration. Only when a certain level of comprehension has been reached are students allowed to move on to the next level or complete an exam. The accelerated learning video aspect of the High Speed High School Program makes it one of the most dynamic learning experiences a student could ever have. Imagine your own personal video tutor available 24 hours per day seven days per week! Students can thus progressively make advancement at any time or pace that suits them.

Advancement In Student Retention

The latest research in neuroscience and memory retention reveals that normal school lessons are far too long and you can never turn the teacher off. Students are fire hosed with constant boring teacher talk information for years on end. This is not a true learning experience. The brain loves short, sharp, sweet learning experiences with lots of variety. For many of our students we guarantee 90-100 percent retention! Not many schools have ever accomplished that!

Some students can learn as though their hair is on fire and finish in three months. Others will take perhaps 6, 12, or 18 months. The choice and pace is up to each parent/student.


Mathematics: Slideshows with automatically graded question and answer exams, extra tutoring by email if needed.
English Language Arts: Online Video Tutoring with online essay assignments, extra tutoring online if needed.
History and Social Studies: Online Video Tutoring with online essay assignments, extra tutoring online if needed.
Sciences: Online Video Tutoring with automatically graded question and answer exams.

Video on Demand Tutoring System

1) Students are prompted to answer True or False questions every two to three minutes as they watch each educational video. Depending on their results they may either move on to the next video in the same subject or take an applicable exam, depending. By stopping the video at appropriate intervals and answering questions, students are able to gather their thoughts, process the information and have their retention of such information reinforced. Where videos are replaced by slide shows the process is very similar.

2) Once an adequate level of comprehension and retention has been reached, students are prompted to either write essays on what they have learned or take online examinations. Examinations are multiple choice. Essay assignments may be completed and submitted fully online, with feedback as needed from an online tutor.


Fast Paced/Self paced


Students must be 15-years of age at commencement of their program. Students will also need broadband internet access suitable for streaming video. They will also need a device from the following list:

Due to the overwhelming number of mobile devices being created, we cannot guarantee every device even if it meets the above requirements. Please notify us if you have problems and we will make reasonable efforts to resolve them. Refunds will not be issued if the site fails to work on a mobile device.